Large Language Model (LLMs)
Data Privacy in Focus  In a world where data plays a central role in business, companies face the challenge of […]
Data Anonymization
ShareMedix – Data Anonymization Solution: Protecting Privacy, Empowering Collaboration An Introduction  ShareMedix is an advanced platform designed to streamline the […]
Microsoft Azure Marketplace: ShareMedix is available now
Announcement We are happy to announce that Sharemedix is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Now the hospitals can […]
HIPAA and GDPR: Data Compliance with Anonymization
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The need of anonymizing health data
Why health data should be protected and how? In recent years, the topic of health data has been on the […]
The European Health Data Space (EHDS)
What is the European Health Data Space? The European Health Data Space (EHDS) is an initiative to facilitate the exchange […]
Banner for medical data sharing and anonymization blog article
As the world continues to shift towards digitization, we are seeing an increasing amount of sensitive data being stored in […]
Anonymization of data
7 reasons why anonymization of patient medical data is useful. Anonymized data has great potential to improve healthcare. Large amounts […]
VSI HoloMedicine® uses automatic medical anonymization solution SharemMedix
Automatic Medical Anonymization in Mixed Reality Solution VSI HoloMedicine® Secure medical data sharing through data anonymization for the improvement of […]
Top Disruptors in Healthcare
We are excited to be featured in the new report of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare It is the third edition of […]