Use Case: Secure exchange of medical data – medical data in research projects

Efficient and secure exchange of medical data for research projects

Medical data in research projects 

There are more and more research projects in the medical field. In Germany, these are funded by the BMBF or DLRG, for example. In most cases, a project is made up of various project partners such as SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), universities, clinics and research institutes such as Fraunhofer. Often the clinic provides patient data. These data are very sensitive patient data and may only leave the hospital anonymized. This applies to MRI and CT scans, but also to recorded images or videos. Medical texts must also be anonymized. Many projects are delayed because anonymization was usually not observed from the beginning and the hospital’s data protection officer rightly stops this transfer. 

ShareMedix supports this process by automatically anonymizing the data and then providing it in a structured way to the respective project partners. This data is only valid for the duration of the project and is automatically deleted afterwards

ShareMedix as a secure platform for medical data management in a research project. 

ShareMedix is a platform that makes sharing medical data safe. In the process, patient data is automatically anonymized and can only then be used for research purposes.

Use Case: Medical Data in research projects

The following is a typical practical example:

Situation: Everyone involved is looking forward to the start of the project and asks the hospital to provide medical data. The physicians involved ask internally and come up against the data protection officer, who usually does not yet know anything about this project and rightly stops the transfer of patient data for the time being. Delays and frustration quickly arise in the project.  

Solution: With ShareMedix, this project stop can be quickly lifted. The data is automatically anonymized and can be quickly provided to the respective project partner. It is also important that the time period for providing the data can be defined. At the end of the project duration, the data is automatically deleted again.

Benefits of ShareMedix: 

• Save time and money with automatic anonymization
Secure and easy sharing with the respective project partners
Trust in the research project through proper handling of patient data
Binding the data sharing to the project length
• Use anonymized research data in presentations with the project sponsor

More Use Cases

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Secure exchange of medical data between doctors and patients.
Easily handle patient data requests with medical data anonymization and sharing
Requests from patients, insurance companies and institutions.

“It was the right decision to choose ShareMedix. The platform optimizes our VSI HoloMedicine®, making it easier for our doctors and clinics to handle large volumes of data.”

Liliana Duarte, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, apoQlar GmbH

2 ways to engage

Way #1:
Easy start and scale with your needs

Buy a licence in ShareMedix cloud and adjust the price to your current needs.

Recommended when:

  • you have smaller workloads
  • don’t want to set up own instances (smaller costs)
  • you are interested in one specific anonymization type
  • your IT department is cloud-friendly

Way #2:
Implementation tailored to your needs

Create a dedicated environment for your hospital or company.

Recommended when:

  • you want that the whole hospital/company uses the solution
  • you would like to implement custom features specific to your needs
  • it’s important for your IT department to work on resources belonging to you

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