Use Case: Share patient data securely and the right way 

Share patient data securely and the right way

ShareMedix makes it easy for you to share and transmit sensitive patient data with third parties and patients through automated anonymization.  

When using and sharing patient data, strict rules apply with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations. Large amounts of sensitive patient data are stored, used and shared on a daily basis in various medical healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ practices, pharmacies and other facilities. 

Videos, documents and images of patients include personally identifiable information (PII) and should not be easily shared or sent. Unfortunately, sending data – whether to third parties or patients – is often done under insecure conditions, which can also allow unauthorized access by unwanted third parties. CDs, USBs and conventional e-mails are comparable in terms of data protection to a postcard that anyone can read. Here, as well, the act of sending would already constitute a data protection violation.

ShareMedix as a secure platform for sending sensitive patient data with anonymization. 

ShareMedix is a platform that makes sending medical data secure and compliant, as the GDPR does not apply to anonymous data, and anonymized personal data can no longer be related to a specific person. 

Share patient data securely and the right way with the right medical data sharing

Three practical examples and solutions are presented below: 

Situation 1: A physician wants to quickly send patient data anonymously to an external specialist, e.g. a neurologist at a hospital, for a consultation and advice.   

Solution: By using ShareMedix, physicians can automatically anonymize and send the identifiable information in medical reports, protocols, doctor’s letters, and in images and videos to third parties. 

Situation 2: A patient requests his magnetic resonance images (MRI) from his attending physician because the images handed out and printed are not sufficient for a second opinion. The patient wants the data within two hours.  

Solution: With ShareMedix, the doctor automatically anonymizes the MRI and can then securely and easily send them digitally to the patient. In doing so, the relevant information for the treatment is maintained. The personal information is anonymized. 

Situation 3: Patient wants to send his data to a specialist worldwide.  

Solution: The patient gets access to ShareMedix through his treating physician or specialist. 

Benefits of ShareMedix: 

• Save time and money 
Share data securely, easily and quickly 
Increase patient trust through proper handling of patient data 
Minimize the risks of data violations and associated fines
• Decide how long and with who you share the data (access can be withdrawn at any time)

More Use Cases

Use medical research data sharing in research projects freely without worrying about secure breaks or data compliance
Research projects with other medical institutions.
Easily handle patient data requests with medical data anonymization and sharing
Requests from patients, insurance companies and institutions.

“It was the right decision to choose ShareMedix. The platform optimizes our VSI HoloMedicine®, making it easier for our doctors and clinics to handle large volumes of data.”

Liliana Duarte, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, apoQlar GmbH

2 ways to engage

Way #1:
Easy start and scale with your needs

Buy a licence in ShareMedix cloud and adjust the price to your current needs.

Recommended when:

  • you have smaller workloads
  • don’t want to set up own instances (smaller costs)
  • you are interested in one specific anonymization type
  • your IT department is cloud-friendly

Way #2:
Implementation tailored to your needs

Create a dedicated environment for your hospital or company.

Recommended when:

  • you want that the whole hospital/company uses the solution
  • you would like to implement custom features specific to your needs
  • it’s important for your IT department to work on resources belonging to you

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