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Medical data privacy requirements are complex.
It is the #1 reason why lifesaving projects never get off the ground.

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Why we


Medical data includes personally identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data, that are subject to various regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA.

Inproper handling can lead to legal ramifications and significant fines.

Traditional methods such as manual anonymization of data are extremely time intensive and often too burdensome to conduct.

But we all know that sharing the right data can help saving lives.

How does ShareMedix work?

Medical Data Sharing and Medical Data Anonymization

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ShareMedix enables medical professionals to anonymize and share medical data.

Create trust
by setting a secure
standard of data sharing in
your hospital.

Minimize the risk
of high fines and other
financial penalties.

Save time
by immediately sharing data in secure manner instead of sending CDs or pendrives.

Make compliance easy
with GDPR, HIPAA and other
for your Data
Protection Officer.

Save money of manual anonymization. Medical data sharing will be easy

Save money
of manual anonymization by automating the processes in
your hospital.

Who can use it?

& Medical

With ShareMedix you can quickly anonymise your medical data and share it
with colleagues and patients.

• Have full control over your data
• Manage how long and with whom it is shared
• Free yourself from sending CDs and USB sticks

& Medical

Establish a consistent standard within all medical departments to share data
securely and anonymously with external departments, colleagues and patients.

• Data leaves the hospital only anonymised and controlled.
• Conduct innovative projects, research grants and cooperate with other hospitals
• Hospital employees save a lot of time.
• The error rate decreases due to automatic anonymization.

& Assistants

Satisfy the data requests from patients and authorities such as:

• patient asking for monitoring videos (risk of compromising the privacy of other patients)
• police requesting access to surveillance cameras videos
• health authorities demanding the medical documentation.

“The increasing need for anonymization was time consuming and expensive. With the ShareMedix intelligent software we can handle all of this with less time and costs for our staff and operations.”

Pietro Lucillo, MA, IT-Project Manager, Tirol Kliniken

Use Cases

Medical data anonymization and medical data sharing
Secure exchange of medical data between doctors and patients.
Use medical research data sharing in research projects freely without worrying about secure breaks or data compliance
Research projects with other medical institutions.
Easily handle patient data requests with medical data anonymization and sharing
Requests from patients, insurance companies and institutions.

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“It was the right decision to choose ShareMedix. The platform optimizes our VSI HoloMedicine®, making it easier for our doctors and clinics to handle large volumes of data.”

apoQlar GmbH

2 ways to engage

Click and Go

Our out of the box solution allows you to register and use the software immediately.

Recommended when:

  • you have smaller workloads
  • don’t want to set up own instances (smaller costs)
  • you are interested in one specific anonymization type
  • your IT department is cloud-friendly

Our tailored approach

Customized around your specific business needs including a dedicated environment for your hospital, company or institution.

Recommended when:

  • you want that the whole hospital/company uses the solution
  • you would like to implement custom features specific to your needs
  • it’s important for your IT department to work on resources belonging to you

Get started

Request a free demo of our platform and see for yourself how
easy compliant data anonymization and sharing can be.