Many innovative projects get blocked by privacy regulations and ethic commision. 

Applying newest technologies such as 3D digital twin of the patient, holoportation, automatic patient monitoring and recognition of life threatening situations often gets blocked or immensely postponed by the privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CPA, ethic commission aprovals and data security processes. 

ShareMedix automates the 3D-Anonymization process. As a result more cutting edge projects are launched in hospitals.

Use ShareMedix for 3D Data:

1. Operate on anonymized data

Free yourself from the months of administrative burden, by operating on anonymized data.

2. Apply top technologies

Make the top innovations in your hospital possible.

3. Privacy protection

Protect the privacy of your patient and personnel.

4. GDPR compliannce

Drastically lower the risks connected with GDPR compliance.

What is ShareMedix for 3D?

Automatically detect and anonymize personal information in 3 dimensional data with ShareMedix

ShareMedix for 3D is a solution allowing you to automatically detect and anonymize personal information in 3 dimensional data, by using advanced AI algorithms. It is working with 3D cameras, such as Azure Kinect or ZED, which are generating pointcloud data, representing the scene in form of points in 3-dimensional space.  

You can use the results directly to present or share the 3D data in anonymized form, for example on mixed reality glasses like MS Hololens, moreover use them for further analytical scenarios without worrying about compliance issues.

3D data on mixed reality glasses can be anonymized as well
3D-Anonymization: Generated point cloud data with 3D cameras, such as Azure Kinect or ZED

Refrences & Partners

Partner reference: apoqlar
Partner reference: IFB Hamburg
Reference & Partner: Logo of Microsoft for Startups

Use Cases

Create a digital twin
of the patient

Creation of digital twin of patient – create an exact digital 3D copy of your patient in order to for example discuss the injuries with doctors worldwide in form of anonymized hologram.

Detection of
epileptic attacks

Detect the life threatening situations for your patient such as epileptic attacks by anonymously analyzing their behavior in three dimensional space.

Work with
3D holograms

3D surgical room holoportation – work with other doctors using 3D holograms, make videos and quickly satisfy all request from medical personnel and patients to remove their personal information from the scene.

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