VSI HoloMedicine® uses automatic medical anonymization solution SharemMedix

Automatic Medical Anonymization in Mixed Reality Solution VSI HoloMedicine®

Secure medical data sharing through data anonymization for the improvement of medical collaboration.

Anonymization of medical data and healthcare information is particularly important in healthcare, as sensitive patient data is being handled. Moreover, technological healthcare solutions are bound to data protection rules if they use healthcare data. Providers of such solutions must ensure that this data is adequately protected when sending and used for e.g., collaboration, research, and medical purposes.

apoQlar is a leading solution provider in medical mixed reality and is using our anonymization software ShareMedix to automate compliance with regulations regarding personally identifiable information (PII) in their cloud-based VSI HoloMedicine® platform.

What is VSI HoloMedicine® and how is anonymization used in the solution?

VSI HoloMedicine® is a software platform that leverages the Microsoft HoloLens 2 hardware to transform medical images, clinical workflows, and medical education into a 3D mixed reality environment. The solution converts any STL object or DICOM scans such as CT, MRI, ANGIO-CT, CBCT, SPECT, PETCT, and many more. The solution extracts information from individual scans of a specific body area layer by layer and is creating an anatomically correct hologram that can be viewed and positioned in real space.

Anonymized healthcare data drives innovative medical solutions

To use the data, the doctors need to upload the medical data to the platform in the first step. Before the upload, ShareMedix applies the process and anonymizes the chosen files. In the application, doctors can anonymize images and videos with the integrated solution so that they can be further used for medical purposes.

Faces, identifying features of patients, and healthcare information are made unrecognizable so that videos, DICOM, and images can be shared in the solution securely without any restrictions.

Health data is highly sensitive and many companies need to adapt their solutions to the different Data Protection Regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. Anonymization of identifiable patient data, which is considered the most conventional route, is the first important step in complying with regulations and addressing privacy concerns and thus leading to a faster medical process.

It was the right decision to choose ShareMedix. The platform optimizes our VSI HoloMedicine®, making it easier for our doctors and clinics to handle large volumes of data.

apoQlar GmbH

ShareMedix replaces manual anonymization work

ShareMedix enables hospitals, research institutes, and medical technology companies to effectively scale an otherwise laborious or even manually impossible anonymization work. Let’s schedule a call if you are interested in healthcare data anonymization and secure data sharing.