Top Disruptors in Healthcare

It is the third edition of “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” and 144 startups present their profile and achievements. The purpose of the report is to facilitate the establishment of cooperation between startups, medical facilities, partners, investors, and end clients.

Almost half of the medical solutions in this report are based on AI and Machine Learning. The second-most chosen sector is medical devices, and the third-most chosen sector is telemedicine.

Also, the reports find that every fourth start-up has revenues from the foreign market. However, the focus is also on detailed research statistics that take into account the current needs of startups, as well as more comprehensive information about the solutions developed and implemented by these companies. But the report also shows other data concerning the team, funding, and international expansion.

On page 171 you can read about us and our anonymization and sharing solution ShareMedix

In short:

Our solutions operate in the sector of telemedicine, standalone IT applications, AI/machine learning, AR/VR, and medical and laboratory tests and are used in different medical areas like cardiology, neurology, radiology, pulmonology, orthopedics, and many more.

ShareMedix is a solution for fast and automatic anonymization of medical and administrative data (DICOM, MRI, CT, video, images, documentation, monitoring) and sharing them in a secure form.

A report to support cooperation and partnerships

The data presented in this report will provide readers with a lot of valuable information and insights, which will serve to strengthen cooperation and partnerships to improve the healthcare system.

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“Top Disruptors of Healthcare”

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