Medical Data Anonymization and Sharing

Medical Data Anonymization and Medical Data Sharing

ShareMedix is an intelligent platform for medical data anonymization and medical data sharing using advanced AI. The solution enables medical professionals to anonymize and securely share medical data in a compliant way with personal data regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA laws.

Is medical data sharing a threat to privacy?

This is why you should anonymize or de-identificate personally identifiable information or protected health information.

Health information or medical data includes personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and other sensitive data, that are subject to various regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA. Unfortunately, inproper handling can lead to legal ramifications and high fines.

As an example: In Germany the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for instance, specifies fines of up to 20 million euros for data violations or up to four percent of global annual turnover for companies, depending on which amount is higher in the end (Source:, last updated on May 25, 2022).

The principles of data protection do not apply to anonymous information and data.

This refers to information and data relating to an identifiable or identified natural person, or general personal data that has been made anonymous so that a person is no longer identifiable. The company’s data protection officer is therefore no longer required to observe the GDPR, HIPAA or CCPA once the data has been anonymized.

That means Healthcare organizations, medical professionals and their business associates that want to share protected health information or medical data must remove the identifiable information. If the identity of individuals cannot be determined and the re-identification is not possible, the information can be freely shared for e.g research purposes.

How to anonymize Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI)?

A good way to de-identificate/anonymize protected health information (medical data) is to remove specific identifiers from the medical data set. With ShareMedix this can be done automatically. Not only images can be anonymized, but also medical images, images, videos, and texts.

What kind of specific Identifiers can be removed?

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone, fax numbers, cellphone numbers
  • IP addresses
  • Social Security numbers
  • Medical record numbers
  • Birthdates
  • Faces
  • Admission dates
  • Any unique characteristics of the patient
  • Zip codes

What kind of data types and formats can be anonymized by the AI solution?

ShareMedix supports the anonymization of videos, images, documents, and medical images.

The supported data formats are:

  • Videos like mp4, mov, avi, webm, mpeg and mpg
  • Images like jpeg, jpg, png, bmp and webp
  • Documents like pdf
  • Medical images like dcm (DICOM)

How is anonymized data used to improve healthcare?

Anonymized data has great potential to improve healthcare. Large amounts of medical data are generated worldwide every day, and more are being generated every year.

Analyzing and rapidly sending health data can lead to faster medical decisions, improved quality of care, disease prevention, and cost reduction, and drive innovative healthcare solutions. Anonymizing or removing personal information that can identify the patient is the first important step to complying with regulations and addressing privacy concerns, and thus leads to a better outcome.

Three Use Cases

Our Use Cases help you discover the potential in Medical data anonymization and Medical data sharing:

  1. Secure exchange of medical data between doctors and patients
  2. Research projects with other medical institutions
  3. Requests from patients, insurance companies, and institutions

ShareMedix is a platform that uses AI to automate medical data anonymization processes and make medical data sharing easy and compliant. Would you like to learn more about ShareMedix? We can help you get started. Let’s schedule an appointment.

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