We make sensitive medical data useful and compliance easy.

Anonymize medical data.  Share with others.  Be compliant with privacy regulations.

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Why #1* reason?
Medical data includes personally identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data, that are subject to various regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA. Inproper handling can lead to legal ramifications and significant fines. Traditional methods such as manual anonymization of data are extremely time intensive and often too burdensome to conduct.

Use Blue.GDPR to quickly and easily anonymize sensitive medical data.

Minimize the risk of fines and other financial penalties.
Shorten the time of formal agreements before using the data.
Make compliance easy for your Data Protection Officer.

Who can use it?

Project managers & CEOs
Creating innovative projects, conducting grants, cooperating with other hospitals ofter relies on usage of videos, documentation, pictures and many more data. This requires long process of ethic commision approvals. Using Blue.GDPR and working on anonymized data you can save up to months of administrative work connected with getting all approvals.
Using real materials in conferences, trainings/teaching, linkedin, in public. Easy sharing of data to get second opinion, share the data with patients or medical experts.
Administrators & Assistants
Satisfy the data requests from patients and authorities such as: patient asking for monitoring videos (risk of compromising the privacy of other patients), police requesting access to surveillance cameras videos, health authorities demanding the medical documentation

„The constantly increasing need for anonymization turned out to be a time-consuming manual process. With the intelligent software we can handle this special requirement more efficiently and thus relieve our staff.“

Pietro Lucillo, MA, IT-Project Manager, Tirol Kliniken

How does Blue.GDPR work?

Upload any medical data.

  • DICOM-Files
  • Medical reports, diagnostic reports
  • Communication protocols
  • Medical letters, doctor’s letters
  • Images and videos

Anonymize your data and save a lot of time.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) are automatically removed like:
  • Faces & whole silhouettes
  • Patient names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • DICOM tags
  • Patient faces on DICOM

Share instantly around the globe.

In data privacy compliant platform.

„We are happy that Blue.GDPR optimizes our product VSI HoloMedicine® and making it easier for doctors and clinics to handle large data volumes without much effort due to automated anonymization. It was the right decision to choose Blue.GDPR.“

Liliana Duarte, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, apoQlar GmbH

2 ways to engage

Way #1: Easy start and scale with your needs

Buy a licence in Blue.GDPR cloud and adjust the price to your current needs.
Recommended when:
  • you have smaller workloads
  • don’t want to set up own instances (smaller costs)
  • you are interested in one specific anonymization type
  • your IT department is cloud-friendly

Way #2: Implementation tailored to your needs

Create a dedicated environment for your hospital or company.
Recommended when:
  • you want that the whole hospital/company uses the solution
  • you would like to implement custom features specific to your needs
  • it’s important for your IT department to work on resources belonging to you

Get started today.

Request a free demo of our platform and see for yourself how easy compliant data anonymization and sharing can be.